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How would your life be different if you were
able to strategically leverage your website
to attract the right clients?


Would you be able to attract your ideal clients and stop working with so many of those clients who expect you to be constantly available to them? Would you be able to use your website so clients could start finding you? Would you be able to feel proud of your website when you direct clients to it, rather than leave it there collecting dust and hoping they never visit it?

When I opened the doors to my freelance translation business, I knew I needed to have a website, but I wasn't really sure what to include. So, I did the normal thing and looked at other translators’ websites. And guess what? They were all the same! Long lists of qualifications and degrees, tons of text, and very little visual appeal.

So I put up a basic website that I created, not knowing what in the world I was doing. And it didn't work. No one was finding my website or me!

I continued to work for agencies I didn’t like, at rates I thought I could never raise, because my website and marketing strategies were not solid enough to attract the right direct clients for me. And I worked around the clock, always available to my clients and feeling like I had to answer emails as soon as they landed in my inbox so I wouldn't lose a job. It was a total rat race.

And I wanted out! So I decided to make a real change: I wanted to work for clients I liked. I wanted to work on my own terms. And I wanted to deal with people who valued my work and my time.

After all, isn't that why many of us become freelancers and business owners? 

And that was when I realized that I'd spent so much time working and very little time on marketing my business.

I had no idea how to use my website (or any online tools for that matter) to reach my ideal clients.

So, I set out to learn about how to change this.

I took courses and read articles. I learned from freelancers in other industries and tested new strategies. I tweaked and I kept learning as I went. My website saw many iterations until I finally figured out what worked.

Fast forward a few years… I built a 6-figure freelance business and a system of strategies to attract solid leads with a process to nurture prospective clients. 

So, how did I do it?


Introducing the
T&I Website Blueprint Course

The course I wish I'd been able to take…

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My name is Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo, and I am the owner of Accessible Translation Solutions, a small boutique agency. I continue to work as a Spanish- and Portuguese-to-English translator while also running my business. 

When I started as a freelance translator in 2008, I had no idea what to do with my website. I had one… Wasn't that enough?! I quickly realized it was not, and I was faced with 2 options:

A) I could continue working for massive agencies that thought of me as one in a large pool of names they tossed into an email Bcc: to see who jumped first, or

B) I could spend time developing creative strategies to attract, book, and work with the right clients and pursue my translation career on my own terms.

I chose option B. And I grew my freelance business to six figures without having to rely on clients who didn't value my work and me.

And you know what’s crazy?

To do this, I did one very simple thing.

I stopped following the crowd of other freelancers, and I researched everything I didn't learn in school about marketing online to attract the right clients.


I’ve discovered the creative strategies YOU need to implement to build a website that works for your freelance translation or interpreting business, and I’ve broken them down into six step-by-step modules.

I’ve included a checklist and schedule so you can easily implement what you’ve learned. You won’t have to wing it any longer; simply follow the plan.



Enrollment is open until
Monday, June 10th at 11:59pm Pacific Time

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Here’s a look at what you’ll learn…

This course is made up of 6 modules to help you build a
successful freelance website so you can attract the right clients for you.


Here’s a look at what you’ll get…

6 in-depth training modules. Each week you will receive access to a new course module. However, Week 1 includes both the Introduction Module and Module 1. The modules are video- and text-based, but you'll also be able to email me any specific questions you have. You should try to implement each module in one week, but you will have 6 months of access from the course start date. This way, you can work through the material at your own pace and still finish in a reasonable amount of time. See the course timeline below.

Real examples of a website being created from start to finish. You will have the chance to actually watch me create a freelance translation services website in this process, and I will show you how to leverage the site (both on the front end and the back end) to drive traffic to it and attract ideal clients. This might be my favorite part of the course!

2 live online sessions. After you have worked through a few modules, we will have a one-hour, live group Q&A call in which you and others in the course can ask specific questions about your progress or any of the course material. There will be a second one-hour, live Q&A call within the last two weeks of the course so that you can ask more questions and get feedback on your developing website. If you cannot make the calls at the times they are held, you can submit your questions beforehand, and I will answer them during the group calls.

6 months of access to video lessons and course materials. I’ve designed this program so you can complete it in 5 to 6 weeks, but you also have the option of going at your own pace. Review your favorite modules and pick the course back up whenever you’d like within 6 months. The goal is to have a new or refreshed website for the new year, but I know that life happens! So, as long as you can commit to completing the coursework in 6 months, you should be well on your way to success.

A comprehensive workbook filled with checklists, questionnaires, and worksheets for each module. This is yours to keep and use both now and anytime you want to make an update or test something new with your website!



Enrollment is open until
Monday, June 10th at 11:59pm Pacific Time

Enroll in the T&I Website Blueprint Course by clicking the button below:


Here's what other students said about the T&I Website Blueprint Course…

I loved everything about this course—the pace, the amazing content, the group support from the course community, and most of all—Madalena’s encouragement and advice. The course was unique and invaluable. It taught us to make our websites about our target audience and the solutions we bring to the table. This was eye-opening and empowering!”  – Veronika Demichelis

I just on-boarded with a new agency client and when I went into their portal to fill out my profile, I noticed that the vendor manager had copy-pasted text from my "Bio and Publications" page into my profile so PMs can quickly see my strengths and background. She clearly poked around and found it worthwhile to include in my profile!  – Emily Safrin

I'm very excited about my new website! The whole process was totally worth it as I now have a website I am proud of!  – Molly Yurick



Frequently Asked Questions

When will the T&I Website Blueprint Course be offered again?
As of right now, this course is only offered once a year. I cannot say right now if it will be offered again in 2019.

Is this course only for beginners or newbies?
The T&I Website Blueprint Course is open and applicable to any freelance translator or interpreter, whether you've been in business for 12 years or 12 hours. If you know you need to build or update your website to start attracting the right clients, this course is perfect for you.

Is there a self-paced option?
I’ve designed this program so you can complete it in just 5 to 6 weeks, but you also have the option of going at your own pace. You will have 6 months of access from the course start date.

Is this course only for translators?
No! Interpreters are welcome, too. In fact, I have some amazing ideas for interpreters that I'd love to see implemented!

When does the T&I Website Blueprint Course officially begin?

The first module will go live on Monday, June 17th.

Here's the full timeline:

Monday, June 10th at 11:59 pm Pacific Time: Course registration closes
Monday, June 17th: Introduction Module & Module 1 available
Monday, June 24th:  Module 2 available
Monday, July 1st: Module 3 available
Wednesday., July 3rd: Live Q&A Call #1 (recorded for those who cannot make it live!)
Monday, July 8th:  Module 4 available
Monday, July 15th:  Module 5 available
Wednesday, July 17th: Live Q&A Call #2 (recorded for those who cannot make it live!)
Monday, July 22nd: Full Course Recap available

You will also have full access to me via email, or we can set up a time for a virtual chat if you have questions or need help throughout the course!

What if I don't have a website yet?

That's okay! I will walk you through how to build a website using Squarespace. See below for why I love and use Squarespace! But you can use any platform where you might be currently housing your website. You will see me build out a freelance translation services website and explain what to include in your site and how to get the best use of the layout, content, copy, etc.

What if I already have a website but I just need to update or revamp it?

That's perfect, too! There will be two tracks in some of the modules: one for those who are looking to build a brand new site, and one for anyone who simply wants to update or revamp their website by putting in place methods and strategies that will allow them to stand out to T&I clients and start making their site work for them. No matter if you're starting from scratch or if you just need to give your site a face-lift, this course can help you to market your T&I services better!

What if I'm not a Squarespace user?

That's totally fine! I use Squarespace because I love the functionality of it and the fact that it has most things built into it already (analytics, very little coding needed at all, the option for a blog, etc.) without the need for add-ons and plug-ins. I will tell you the best Squarespace templates to use for your freelance business, and you can still follow along with your own website platform whether you choose to utilize Squarespace or not!

Do I have to be on the live calls?

You don't! You will have the option to submit your questions before the calls if you cannot make it live. I will make sure to send you a link to the recorded calls after they take place so that you can listen to them whenever you like.

Will there be a way to interact with and give/get feedback from other course participants?

Yes! We will have a group Slack channel for those in the course. This means that you can interact with those in the course, request that another course registrant be your accountability partner and discuss your work as you go through the course. You can also use the Slack channel to ask me questions. If you prefer not to take part in the Slack channel communications, you can still email me and participate in the two calls by joining live or submitting your questions in advance.

Why is the course material only available for 6 months?

Because I want to make sure you get through the course and have an awesome website to show for it! I've found that if you leave a course open indefinitely, most people put it off and don't finish it to the end. I want you to be sure you finish 2019 with a website you are proud of!

This course seems inexpensive for 5 weeks… why doesn't it cost more?

Great question! I realize that this course could cost about three times as much as it does. Many do! But I also realize that some people participating in the course will need to build a website from scratch or move their website to a new hosting service. Website hosting can easily cost an average of $200 a year. My intention was to make this course financially feasible for as many people as possible while helping translators/ interpreters create a website that serves them.

Do you offer a refund or guarantee?

I want you to be happy with your investment. I want you to get more out of it than you pay for. That's my goal, and that's how I try to deliver. I always do my best to overdeliver in value.

If it turns out this wasn't a good fit for you, you can request a refund if:

  • you go through the course,

  • implement all the actions in it,

  • and you don't see results.

You can email me within 30 days and we'll discuss your request for a refund. I ask that you provide evidence you did the work (e.g.: show that you started your new website and implemented the strategies in the course) and show that you're not getting results.


Enrollment is open until
Monday, June 10th at 11:59pm Pacific Time

Enroll in the T&I Website Blueprint Course by clicking the button below: